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As FIFA 17 is coming, players are discussing whether to buy FIFA 17 points. For me, I have nothing against people buying Fifa points. If it makes the game more fun for you, great, go ahead and buy them. And some people think that those who waste thousands of dollars a year to get the (supposedly) best players. And for EA to do something, we need to act.

Now, legally, I don't know much about what we can do, I'll leave that to people who are smarter and more knowledgeable than me. Yet with the amount of money EA can spend in lawyers I don't know how good our chances are. We can contact their PR, make noise on the social networks, and that might work, but I think only to a certain extent. EA will reveal the next big card coming out, news about FIFA 17 and what not, and most will quickly forget about this grave issue.

Because of this, I think the best we can do, and actually the easiest thing to do, is to just stop buying FP. I know some people will keep doing it but if most of us stop buying them their revenues will suffer a dent, and they will have to do something.

On the other hand, there are some people think it's free to buy fifa points. If you want to get a better game experience and have enough money. Buying fifa points is practical.

What do you think so? Welcome to leave comments below.

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