FIFA 17 Guide: How to Trade and Make FUT Coins

Making coins when you first start FIFA 17 Ultimate Team can be an arduous process. Also you may trade with othres. The following tips will enable you to build better squad builders and will help you get the most out of the FUT game mode. Beside our website provide fut 17 coins, Now pay attention our website, as well as discounts surprises waiting for you oh.

1. When investing during Webstart / EA Access, focus on popular players.

What constitutes a popular player? In our opinion you need to mainly focus on the player's league, individual attributes for their position (especially pace), skill moves and weak foot. Before the official release, popular players will rise in price by the biggest margin as other players will want them for their teams. When demand increases at a greater rate than supply, prices go up.

2. List players at 1 hour and relist

When you are selling a player you will want to give the auction as much exposure as possible. The best way to do this is to list at 1 hour and continuously relist. Most players don't scroll past an hour, unless they happen to be BIN sniping or looking for the cheapest buy now.

3. Invest in player performances

Although price ranges have limited the upside of investing in player performance, it will remain as one of the best FIFA 17 trading tips for quick profits! It has always been very lucrative for us. It requires that you watch real-world football and quickly invest in players that are playing well (assuming they are not already inflated). A hype bubble usually occurs during the game, where the player peaks inside 90 minutes. Although the player will often remain inflated after the game, the greatest profits can be made inside 90 minutes. Monitor the market and sell at a time you feel optimal, 1 goal sometimes doesn't drastically increase his price, but hype definitely will. Watch your Twitter feed!

4. Focus on quick profits

Unless you are sure prices are rising, such as investing in popular players during Webstart / EA Access up until the official worldwide release (assuming you get them at a decent price), it's always worth focusing on quick profits. We're big fans of mass bidding, BIN sniping, 59th minute (while there's little competition), and finding rare silvers. All of these methods focus on turning over quick profits. Most importantly, there is zero risk attached.

Mass bidding – Finding a profitable price and sticking a max bid on as many of that player as possible up until 1 hour. You will lose many, but you should win several.

59th minute – Scroll to the 59th minute of listings after using the filters and look to find bargain buy now listings. 1 hour is the most popular listing cycle and hence where most bargains will appear.

BIN sniping – Rapidly adjust the price filters at a profitable buy now until an item is listed. Buy it instantly or someone else will.

5. Spot players at 100% of their PRP

PRP means Price Range Percentage. If a players price ranges is 0-10k in FIFA 17 and he sells for 7.5k he's at 75% of his PRP. Although EA will adjust price ranges fairly quickly, if you see a player at 100%, scan the market and see if you can purchase one. When price ranges are adjusted he will be selling for significantly more.

What's your idea? Share your own tips to help out other players. If you want the first time to learn about the FIFA 17 latest news. Our website will be your best choice.

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