I’m Tired of Being Broke: How Do I Attract More Money? Pt. 1

During the 1984 Grammy Awards show Donna Summer performed her song “She Works Hard For the Money” and it became an international sensation. Perhaps you grew up in a household like mine and you probably remember your mother playing and singing this song many times. If not, even as an adult I’m sure you can certainly relate to these lyrics very well. But have you ever asked “what exactly is money” and “how do I attract more of it”?

Most Americans work on average 40 hours per week and get paid twice a month. You cash your check and use the proceeds to support your lifestyle. However, you probably aren’t earning enough money to live the way that you prefer.

Which philosophy holds true for you: adjusting your income to fit the lifestyle you want to live; or do you adjust your way of life to fit your current income?

Before I learned the proper perspective for money the answer to my financial problems was to adjust my lifestyle to fit my budget. The problem with doing so led to me always having to scale back on the lifestyle I actually wanted to live. It seemed that no matter how often I restructured my budget there was never enough money.

Why? Why was it so difficult to support the lifestyle that I wanted to live? Because my focus was on reducing my expenses instead of increasing the money I needed to live the life that I wanted. Instill this in your psyche: You will attract into your life whatever is in alignment with your most dominant thought…your core belief.

If you believe that the only way to survive is to reduce or limit yourself from enjoying your personal desires…that’s what you will attract. If you believe that you can live a life of abundance (and take action to do so)…that’s also what you will attract into your life.

So how do we allure more money and the lifestyle of or dreams? Here are a few principles that will help you:

#1) Money is simply a medium of exchange. It is a tool that we use to barter for the things we want. The pieces of paper that money is printed on have very little worth in comparison to the value that’s printed on it. And the suggested appraisal of the number printed on these pieces of paper has far less value than what you emotionally assign to money. Money is attracted to the person who seeks after it…not lust after it. If you believe that you can attract $10 much easier than you can $100 then $10 is exactly what you’ll get every time.

#2) You may have been taught that you should always live below your means. This is a factual statement, but the problem is that you’ve probably assigned a “poor” mentality to this statement. To help you rid yourself of this “poverty” mindset I pose this question: what standard have you financially assigned to your means?

If living below your means is defined by 60% of your income, this means that if your income is $3,000/mth you shouldn’t spend more than $1800/mth? I agree. However, this also means that if your income is $10,000/mth you shouldn’t spend more than $6,000/mth?

In other words, “living beneath your means” should be based on a percentage and not on actually reducing from the lifestyle that you want to live to fit your income. It should be based on increasing your income to fit the lifestyle that you want to live. Attracting a $10,000/mth income takes the same amount of psychological, emotional, and physical effort as it does to attract a $3,000/mth income.

Return to this page on Friday to read my other tips on how to attract the money you want versus just enough to money to survive. Until then DreamBIG, plan, get excited, and take action now…for the world is waiting to cheer your success.

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