NBA 2K17 Guide: How To Get Slasher Pro Grand Badge

According to where sell cheap NBA 2K17 MT, slashers in NBA 2K17 are fit for players who want to dunk and bust through enemy defense. Recently, NBA 2K Gameplay producer Zach Timmerman shared how to get the NBA 2K17 Slasher Pro Grand Badge. Here’s a quick guide.

Dominate For Grand Badges

According to Timmerman’s Twitter account, players will have to get “several games of dominance in stat categories related to your archetype.” Timmerman said that Slasher players should be dominant in layup and dunk stats in their MyCareer games. Do lay ups and dunks in most of your MyCareer games to easily get your NBA 2K17 Slasher Pro Grand Badge.


If you’re a Slasher in NBA 2K17, you must know how to dunk through enemy defense. Make sure to use your Ankle Breakers to get through your defender and get closer to the ring. Don’t be afraid to pass the ball to your teammates if your character is experiencing heavy pressure in defense. Focus but force your dunks. Don’t be afraid to use fewer flashier layups as they’re still counted in the NBA 2K17 Slasher Pro Grand Badge.

Other Systems That Can Help

If you want to get those dominating dunk stats in NBA 2K17 fast, you could opt to get Ankle Breaker to help you break defense. Additionally, improve your inside shooting stats to avoid those awkward dunks where the balls bounce off the rim. If you keep doing your progress for the NBA 2K17 Slasher Pro Grand Badge, you can opt to pick up handy badges which improve your Slasher playstyle. Choose U4NBA.COM, the price of NBA 2K17 MT will never goes out of speed.

Once you have your Slasher Pro Grand Badge, try out other game modes like My Park to show off your Grand Badge’s powers. Grand Badges work like a character’s ultimate and temporarily grants buffs in the match. These buffs can be game-changing and allow your player to do those memorable plays in the game. Stay updated with more NBA 2K17 news here on U4NBA.

For more NBA 2K17 tips and tricks, stay tuned to U4NBA. You can choose where you can buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT.

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